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Polymers are all around us– from medical products, to paper products, to polyvinyl chloride blood pressure cuffs, to polyester and nylon clothing materials. The Polymer Fundamentals Certificate Program is designed to build competency in basic polymer science, processing technologies, and usage in various markets. We examine the use of polymers and how the properties of polymers are engineered, characterized, and controlled.. An investigation of the manufacturing techniques, such as extrusion, spinning, and molding will be presented. Finally, a comprehensive overview of how to apply these learnings to a particular industry will be provided.

Polymer Chemistry Fundamentals

“Polymer Science” is a course that investigates these natural and man-made materials. We explore how these materials are synthesized, evaluated, and their commercial applications. We also review important properties that these materials possess, including their molecular, physical, chemical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties.

Polymer Processing

Polymer Processing provides an introduction to processing methods used to process polymeric components. Discussion of the concepts and principles of basic thermoplastic processing methods with emphasis on their practical applications in industry. Topics covered will include polymer extrusion, casting, molding, thermoforming, spinning, calendaring, coating processes, materials selection, and manufacturing process selection.

Polymer Testing & Characterization

Polymer Testing & Characterization is a course that provides an overview of the polymer properties that are essential for designing the above products, specifying the material to be used, carrying out quality control on finished products, failure analysis and for understanding the structure and behavior of new materials.

Polymer Elective (1)

  • Packaging Science Fundamentals
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Biomedical Polymers
  • Engineering Polymers
  • High Performance Polymers


Completion will enhance an applicant’s competitiveness in the job market for such positions as.

  • Polymer, Plastic, Materials, Chemical, Mechanical engineers
  • Polymer, Plastic, Materials, Chemical, Mechanical scientists
  • Polymer, Plastic, Materials, Chemical, Mechanical technician
  • Sales or Marketing professionals within the Plastics industry


A basic understanding of chemistry is recommended.

 Students will be assigned 5 homework assignments, and 1 final exam for each course. 

See each course for details 


 This course is Instructor-led and delivered through our award-winning online Learning Management System. 

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