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  • Technology Ed offers
    • Affordability
    • Ease of use
    • Completion certificates
    • Top quality content
    • Professional development
    • Flexibility
    • Instruction in breakthrough subjects
  • What is the difference between a Certificate Program, Course, and Webinar?

    Certificate program is a bundle of related courses (a minimum of 3 courses). The completion of a certificate program exemplifies a broad understanding of a particular subject matter. A hard copy certificate will be mailed to your address of choice.

    Course is an instructor-led training course that mirrors a traditional college or university course. However, our courses are designed for working professionals. These courses are not for university credit, but can be used to satisfy recertification or other professional development requirements. The course includes lecture materials, supplemental reading from leading publications, and an assessment (study questions and a final project). The instructor will personally grade the assignments, and is available to answer any questions related to the course content. A hard copy certificate will be mailed to your address of choice.

    Webinar is a pre-recorded 50 minute training seminar on a niche subject area. An industry expert conducts the webinar.

  • What is the course format?

    Upon registration, the instructor makes direct contact with the student, discussing course details and expectations. The student will then be granted 24/7 access to our Learning Management System (LMS), which houses all of the course learning modules, reading materials, homework assignments, case studies, and final xam or project. The instructor navigates the student through the curriculum, grades all assignments and projects, and provides guidance as needed. Upon completion, the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion.

  • What quality guideline define Tech Ed courses?

    Technology Ed is a member of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. Our courses are also offered through one of our accredited university partners.

    All of our courses are reviewed by our Quality Review Board. We set high standards and guidelines to which all courses must adhere, such as: ensuring technical accuracy, using a clear and easy format, and striking a balance between theory and application. We offer a 48 hour refund guarantee.

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  • Who are the instructors?

    Tech Ed faculty members are specialists in their respective fields. They include industry and academic
    professionals, consultants, and research graduate students.

    Click here if you are interested in becoming an instructor.

  • What does “instructor-led” mean?

    An “instructor”, a “live” person and not a computer, has authored the content. While the instructor content is not computer generated, students don’t necessarily need to meet face to face with the instructor. This is important because our audience is primarily made up of working professionals who are geographically restricted and require flexibility in learning. Our Learning Management System is set up so that all types of communication and information exchanges can take place at your convenience.

  • How can I contact the instructor if I have questions?

    You can contact the instructor at anytime through instructor email. Our instructors are required to respond within 24 hours. Other modes of communication are also available.

  • How do I register for a course?

    To enroll in a course, click the Course Catalog link at the top of this page. Then, click the course title, scroll past the course description, and click on ‘Register’ You will then be taken to our secured payment processing site. We will then send you a Login ID and password to begin your course.

  • What payment options do you have?

    The fastest way to register is to register online using your Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. This can be done using the above registration process.

    Fax in the registration form (TECHNOLOGY ED Course Registration) to 1-800-708-7314. Please include your Mastercard, Visa, or American Express information.

    Call 1-866-807-8679 to process your credit card information.

    Complete the (TECHNOLOGY ED Course Registration) and mail a check or money order to:
    Technology Ed
    P.O. Box 6003
    Midlothian, Virginia 23112

    Western Union Fax/email the (Course Registration Form) and submit payment through Western Union ( This is the preferred route for non US students.

  • Why are Tech Ed courses so affordable?

    Tech Ed is able to provide courses at reduced fees because it is not linked to the tuition costs associated with a traditional research university or organization. This allows us to provide our global technical community with access to top-notch education and training.

  • How long do I have to complete a course?

    Students have up to six months (starting at the time of enrollment) to complete any course. The course begins when you register and receive your Login ID and password. Students can enroll anytime, day or night. Courses are self-paced, and everyone works according to his/her own timetable.

  • What if the class I am looking for is not currently offered?

    Suggest a course through our Tech E-Newsletter (the left of this page). We value all suggestions and will work to meet the need for a particular course.

  • Who are some of your clients?

    Professionals from the following select companies have been trained by and partnered with Technology Ed.

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