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Dental Materials is a course that provides an introduction to dental materials in the oral environment. From this knowledge base, students learn to understand the role of dental materials in the delivery of preventative and restorative care. The composition, properties, and manipulation of materials used in dentistry, as well as procedures used during application, will be emphasized.

Topics include: dental material standards; dental materials properties; direct and indirect restorative dental materials; preventive dental agents; impression materials; gypsum products; mouth guards and whitening systems; dental bases, cements, and liners; temporary restorations; polishing procedures for dental restorations; fixed and removable dental prostheses; sealants; implants; adjunct dental materials; and quality assurance for dental materials.

After completing Dental Materials, students will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:

  • Provide students with the principles of dental materials so they can understand the rationale for their use.
  • Identify characteristics dental materials must possess to endure in the oral environment
  • List phases of material
  • Contrast bonding characteristics of metals ceramics plastics and composites
  • Relate Physical and mechanical properties of materials
  • Name units of measure for properties of Density, Heat capacity, stress, strain, elasticity
  • Provide students the opportunity to test their knowledge and prepare for board examinations

            Adhesive material

            Polymeric restorative materials


            Dental Cements

            Impression Materials

            Gypsum Materials

            Prostheses Materials

            Acrylic Resins


This course is for those who want to understand the function of various dental materials.


 Students will be assigned 10 homework assignments, and 1 final exam. 

  1. Dental Materials Overview
    Importance of Dental Materials
    Materials and the Oral Environment
    Physical and Biological Considerations
    Classifications of Materials
    Role of Hazardous Materials
    Requirements for Handling
    Safe Disposal
  2. Physical Properties of Dental Materials
    Structure and Properties
    Stress and Strain
    Thermal Conductivity
    Dental Laboratory Equipment
    Care and Use
    Aseptic Technique
  3. Dental Cements
    Water-based acid-base cements:
    Non-aqueous/ oil bases acid-base cements
    Resin-based: Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
  4. Impression Materials
    Polysiloxane Rubber
    Polyvinyl Siloxane
  5. Dental Gypsum Products
    Dental Stone
  6. Dental Abrasives
    Polishing Agents
    Aluminum Oxide Pumice
    Zirconium Silicate
    Tin Oxide
  7. Periodontal Dressings
  8. Prosthodontics and Implants
  9. Pit and Fissure Sealants
  10. Direct and Indirect Metals

 This course is Instructor-led and delivered through our award-winning online Learning Management System. 

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