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20 contact hours
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2 Continuing Education Units
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This class will explore Pro Tools and other Digital Audio Workstations. We’ll learn how to setup and run a recording session, create instrumentals, and produce vocal recordings. We’ll learn about modern production techniques and have a chance to use them in our class projects. The skills learned will be useful for anyone interested in becoming a Music Performer, Music Producer, or Audio Engineer.

This class will be divided into 3 parts: Software, Technique, and Implementation

Introduction To Pro Tools-

  • We’ll learn the basics of how to operate Pro Tools software
  • We’ll discuss the different ways audio can be manipulated within the software

Crash Corse on Rhythm –

  • We’ll discuss the importance of rhythm in a studio environment.
  • We’ll engage in a challenge to identify whole, half, quarter, 8th, and 16th notes
  • We’ll explore the Metronome and learn about Quantization.

Music Production-

  • The students will have an opportunity to record and produce music for each other

No previous experience required.

Students will be assigned various homework assignments, assessments, and 1 final certification exam.

        1. Introduction
        2. Organization
        3. Preferences: Insertion Follows Playback
        4. Transport
        5. Inserts and Sends
        6. Grid Mode
        7. Loop
        8. Tap Tempo
        9. Window Views
        10. Edit Window Functions
        11. From MIDI to Audio
        12. Techniques
        13. Automation
        14. More Tools

This course is Instructor-led and delivered through our award-winning online Learning Management System.

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