Module 7- Final Exam

The Final Exam is designed to reinforce your understanding of the lesson material. Please create a Microsoft Word document and submit your completed study questions to the instructor via email.

Congratulations! You have received $500 million to develop and install a corn ethanol biofuels plant in Nebraska. You will need to help educate the community on biofuels and specifically your plant.

  1. The community chair asked what is the energy differences between bio-ethanol and bio-diesel.

  2. The community would like to better understand why did you choose corn over sugarcane as your feedstock

  3. There are several members that would like to understand how using a food harvest will potentially impact food prices

  4. In year 1, you will bring in approximately 500,000 lbs of corn feedstock. How many gallons of ethanol will this theoretically yield (search the web for Theoretical Ethanol Yield Calculator).

  5. Please discuss any transportation issues that need to be considered.

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