Module 0 Instructions


Welcome to Introduction to Product Development! The objective of Module 0 is to provide background on how you should navigate through this course journey.

There are 5 course components:

  1. Lecture
     The lecture materials provide an overview of the subject matter. Students have the option of viewing the lecture in video or text format. Access to the text format is password protected. The password is “course”.
  2. Article
    The Supplemental Reading (Article) component provides a bridge between theory and application. We provide current articles from leading scientific and/or business publications that are relevant to each module. This highlights industrial and academic developments in this area. 
  3. Assignment
    The Assessment may include multiple choice and/or short answer questions.
    You will be required to complete the study questions and submit answers to the instructor. The completion of these assignments will reinforce understanding of the course content. The instructor, being an expert in the field, will grade any short answer assignments and provide timely feedback. The instructor will also be available for answering additional questions, and providing further insight as needed. 
  4. Discussion Board
    The Discussion Board also provides insight into recent developments in this field of study. This is a fun way to bridge theory and real-life application. The Instructor may ask rhetorical questions about recent events (news articles) relevant to course content. This is great for dialogue among students. 
  5. Final Project
    The purpose of the Final Project is to test your ability to apply the knowledge gained in this course, towards solving (or making an educated recommendation towards solving) a specific problem related to the subject matter.


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