Module 0 Instructions


Welcome to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)! The objective of Module 0 is to provide background on how you should navigate through this course journey.

There are 7 course components:

  1. Video Lecture
    The instructor presents an animated audio-video lecture component for each module.
  2. Lecture Notes
    The Lecture Notes provide a reading alternative to the video lecture. The lecture notes are password protected. The password is “course”.
  3. Supplemental Reading
    The Supplemental Reading consist of current articles from leading scientific and/or business publications that are relevant to each module. This highlights industrial and academic developments in this area.
  4. Assignment
    The Assignment consists of short answer questions, The completion of these assignments reinforce understanding of the course content. The instructor, being an expert in the field, will grade these assignments and will provide timely feedback.
  5. Quiz
    The Quiz is a multiple choice exam that ensures comprehends lesson content.
  6. Discussion Board
    The Discussion Board is a forum for student-student and student-instructor exchange. The instructor post updates, rhetorical questions, and perspectives on latest events relative to the course.
  7. Final Project/Exam
    The purpose of the Final Project/Exam is assess the ability to apply course learnings to solving an industry problem.


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