Android Security Online Course & Certificate

20 contact hours
Used For:
2 Continuing Education Units
Course and Certificate:

Android Security is a introductory course that investigates the various security concerns of the Android platform. This course explores the Android architecture and its security model, permission system and enforcement, customizing security options, known exploits, memory protections, data protection, device management, SE-Android, more exotic vectors of attack, like malware and tap-jacking.

After completing Android Security, students will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:

  • Inter-workings of Android operating system
  • Security model
  • Ways to tighten potential security holes
  • How to identify the issues
  • How to understand how to go about securing the system and applications running on them


It is highly recommended that participants be familiar with basics of Java, C/C++, and Linux administration to fully take advantage of this course.


 Students will be assigned 5 homework assignments, and 1 final exam. 

  1. Introduction
  2. The Stack
  3. Quickstart
  4. Installing Custom Roms
  5. Android File System Access and Structure
  6. Applications
  7. Main Building Blocks
  8. Programming in Android Overview
  9. Databases
  10. Pirates of the Amason
  11. Call of Android: Mobile Enterprise Warfare
  12. The Trolling Android
  13. Attacking Android
  14. Advanced Android Forensics


 This course is Instructor-led and delivered through our award-winning online Learning Management System.